Friday, February 13, 2015

Digital Era of Love

In the past, there were these promises that ‘’ First, let me settle down with her, then I’ll help you.” But nowadays love is gone digital, send “Hi” to around 20-30 beauties, from where the reply comes; Love starts.
My point is that section of love is altering with the time. There was a time, if you want to talk to your girlfriend; you had to find the separate alone place to talk to just for some moments. For instance, standing in the burning sunlight just for a single view of a girlfriend, In hot sunny days, where even an eagle refuses to lay eggs but he peddled the street. Sometimes in the dark nights got tangled with wandering dogs of her neighborhood. During these activities, there was more threat from the surrounding uncles, shopkeepers, teens and roving boys then from her father and brothers who start fighting on regional biasness, especially for the lover after the girl of their area, they considered it against their rights. That’s why biasing is a bad thing.
To write a letter particularly a love letter, the help of an expert lover would be needed, like film dialogues, love poetry written behind the busses which was very attractive to the lovers was included in the letters. First, the letter was written on rough pages, then transferred to a Pink attractive page with a little scent of some fragrance. After completion of the writing phase, the real problem was to deliver the letter to the lover. This step of delivering the letter was often accomplished either with the help of best friend's girlfriend  or by the innocent brother of the lover. However, it was noted that the brother should be not so innocent that he gave the letter to mother except the sister. A pack of chocolate or 2, 3 toffees was enough for this job.
These were old times. Now on facebook, sending message of “ Hi” to 20-25 girls simultaneously, from where the response comes; Love starts. In previous times, girlfriends reveal herself just by standing in the windows and with gestures of love. In contrast, on social websites girls are providing all the details and description about her. Currently there is no need of an experienced person for writing love letters, the mobile company message service is available for this cause.Time is over for becoming Sad, drinking and crying after departing of the lover, now if there is one “Hi” message from one miss, meantime another “hi” message come in facebook inbox.

Hence it proves that technology isn’t only helpful in daily life work, but it also makes Love easy and Lovers happy.